Tuesday 6 September 2016

"It started with Brompton" Book

A week  ago I got a little package from overseas from Bella who asked me for a email interview and photos of me and the legend for a book "it started with brompton" she was writing for Korean Brompton users

Bella had asked me many moons ago and I quiet honestly forgot all about it. Bella said that she would send me a copy of the book when it was finished and here it is as well as other awesome stuff.

I have to say I was very touched and was a true honor to be asked to appear in print. It always surprises me when people ask for photographs or say that have heard of our adventures.

Package from Korea
Opened up the package and found a really good quality book "it started with brompton" with pop up cards with Bromptons & a leaf bookmark.

The quality of the print is the best I've ever seen.

These are photos my friends have taken while I have been at events in "full" Legendary mode as it where. I'm almost ready to order huge prints cause the difference from seeing them on screen to seeing in print is well LEGENDARY.

For any of my Korean readers I know there is quiet a few out there please take a look at Bella's websites and maybe even order the book.

To order the book: (Please note the book is in Korean but English version maybe coming soon)



  1. Looking great my friend! Fantastic keepsake for you

  2. Legendary - as if proof were needed.