Friday 8 May 2015

Daddy’s got a brand new bag

Ever since I had to replace BBB’s rims after wearing out my original 3 speed rear wheel a few yrs ago I said next time I would replace with some black rims if available & affordable.

Well I had to get a whole new rear wheel as I trashed it but I’m a man of my word and looked into getting some black rims.

AeroHeat 16″ from VelocityUSA where the rims of choice. A few people I have known have got these rims and reported them being pretty good so it was time.

BBB meets his Aeroheat rims
Lucky for me Harry Fullick @ Phoenix Cycles comes VERY highly recommended. A number of Bromptoneers have their Bromptons serviced and upgrades done here.

Also had BBB’s seat post sleeve replaced as Harry mentioned it was looking pretty worn out & I'd personally noticed the seat post slipping of late. My main frame hinge was also stiff and Harry loosen that up for me so now BBB is much easier to fold & unfold.

I got a message 48hrs later saying BBB was ready and in Harry’s words “Looked great!”

BBB’s new Velocity Aeroheat rims
Look closer and you may spot the yellow wrist bands really make BBB stand out from the crowd even more I think :)

Sexy Aeroheat rim with SON XS dynamo hub

Matching rear hub

Loving the logos

Feel the burn
We will have to return to Phoenix Cycles after a couple of hundred miles to check to make sure the wheels & spokes have settled in properly but can’t foresee any problems and looking forward to the next few thousand miles with them.

Big thanks to Harry @ Phoenix Cycles for looking after BBB & for his top quality workmanship. Harry even came up with the idea of yellow wrist bands for the hubs, gotta say we is liking the silliness of it :D

Another great Brompton workshop for all your servicing & upgrading needs, can't go wrong with Phoenix Cycles

till the next ride, bee safe…..

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