Saturday 25 January 2014

The foggy commute

Earlier this week I felt the need to do a "Onboard with the legend" video. I've got a number of video cameras which I haven't made very good use of.

I've been trying out a new software from Garmin called VIRB Edit. With this editor I can put my cycling data on the video at the same time which I have always wanted to do cause it just looks cool.

Below is the first test of the whole process and there are still bugs in the editor which are being worked on but looks promising.

Hopefully when the weather is much better I will be doing more and more videos, getting in practice for mounting the cameras in different places and angles.

The video below is of my foggy commute into work which takes me roughly around 25mins. The video been speeded up, my legs are not that fast, YET.

A glimpse of what is like to ride with the LEGEND.....

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