Monday 13 January 2014

Brompton World Championships 2014, The Treble

Well today is a day that's been marked on our calendar for a couple of weeks.

The official opening for registering  the Brompton World Championships 2014 (blog post) which will take place on the 26th-27th July 2014 @ Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit

This year will be different.

We have entered not just the Brompton World Championships but also the Sprint & Marathon events too.

Affectionately called, 
Day One  
Brompton Sprint: 500meters as fast as you can. Heats and then the final.

Brompton Marathon: 47km (30miles) untimed leisurely ride around the local land marks with pit-stops.

Day Two
Brompton World Championships: 15.2km/9.6miles (4 laps) of the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit.

I'm liking this format alot as I will have a chance to recover to make sure we do our best in all the events.

This will be the first time we will be doing "The Treble" but I know we are more than able to do it. I remember when we did the Brompton World Championships 2012 (blog post) it was a major mistake for me to the Marathon before the Championship race. We almost didn't make it as I was so out of breath from the marathon and didn't feel that good. I know I worried a few of the LBC crew cause I looked that bad.

Brompton World Championships 2013 (blog post) was much better as my fitness level was much higher & with our official time of 00:37:56 we have something to aim for.

BUT we are now EVEN fitter and we will improve even more so with training as this will be our biggest & busiest year, watch out EVERYONE.


The legend awaits.....

Can you handle it?

Aiming to get 3 medals this year

My brain will be overloading with the amount of HUGE events we have going on this year & you know the best place to read all about it now don't you?

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