Friday 16 August 2013

What the doctor ordered !

Yesterday afternoon I had a well needed light training ride with my cycle buddy OrangeBrompton.

I have been having a lot of stress the last 6 weeks so much that over the past week I actually didn't feel safe riding & took the bus on busier sections of my commute. There is nothing better to do than to go on a bike ride with a friend(s) to help relieve mental stress, believe me. I want to thank my partner for inviting me on a ride.

I have to say it was a little lethal riding around Hyde Park after lunch time with the tourist on Boris Bikes esp wondering around the cycle lane in the park. Lucky my ninja like reactions saved me & Bumble B any incidents.

It was great to just chat & a little ride with my buddy and very grateful he asked me to go. As always we talking about our next upgrades & rides coming up. The next few weekends are going to be busy with iBikeLDN Summer ride (18th) this weekend and the FNRttC: Brighton (23rd-24th) the week after.

Bumble B & OrangeBrompton (Ti)
While we was having a coffee stop a young lad came up, a tourist and from what I could gather with the conversation Mr. O had was that he was asking about  where they could rent a Brompton. Mr.O told him that for £2000 he may be able to, not sure he understood though. *giggles*

While coming back from our session I found this great Lego underground station map at Green Park Station.
BumbleB & Lego London Underground Tube Map
Close up

My home station
PAD: 15th August 2013
Surprised at the details

Have to say I really liked the lego map, I've probably gone past it a few times when I've been to Green Park Station and missed it to.

London, got to love it.

Garmin data: Hyde Park Light Training Ride

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  1. Ooooooh, need to take my boys to see that the next time they are in London. This house is full of Lego.