Saturday 3 August 2013

The Legend goes to Prudential Ride London #PruRL2013

On this event a few of the roads in central London would be closed to normal traffic and only cyclist where about to ride past a few landmarks in the capital. This is a great chance to cycle past some of London's tourist attractions on bicycle without the fear of other traffic.

Made arrangements to meet up with a few of my LBC pose to go around the 8 mile traffic free loop. We arranged to meet up at one of the exits to Green Park Station as it was close to a starting point which I thought wouldn't get to busy. Got there on time and quickly found Ann & David P, John M & also a couple of other members.

The LBC Gang

We started to head futher into Green Park as there was a Festival Park Zone with tents and even a stage and big screen. After visiting the CTC & LCC tents we headed to another tent that had loads of little bits &pieces to really pimp up your bike. Mostly stuff for kids but had a good look around before the route officially opened. Did spot a few black and yellow items though >:D You should know me by now I can never resist anything thats black and yellow. Found these great little black and yellow stickers which I wont be sticking on Bumble B though, but maybe on something else.
Nice welcome for the Bumble B
Checking out the activity tents
Colouring for the kids

We heading towards the main start at Buckingham Palace.

Outside Buckingham Palace

It wasn't to busy so we figured we would put in some good cadence training while I got the chance. Was pretty great nipping in and out between other cyclist. I do get a great enjoyment in doing that for some reason. Lots of kids about so have to give them abit of a wide birth to make sure they don't unexpectedly move into the path of a speeding Bumble B.

Riding a bike on stilts
Bumble B & LadyGaGa @ Big Ben

Stopping off @St. Paul's Cathedral

Shiny Artwork near St.Pauls

Can you see me?  :P

Bumble B & St. Pauls

Riding Along *ding ding*

Finally met up with MickB & his good lady wife along embankment. Always good to see them. Stopped off for awhile and got to chatting for quiet abit. Starting to get abit hungry so headed towards Green Park as we knew there was a few eating places there. But the quenes where pretty long and we was hungry so headed to Caffe Nero. I highly recommend the Frappe Creme Strawberry & Vanilla & Chocolate cake :9

After a "sweet lunch" a few of us wanted to do one more circuit before calling it a day. I thought it would have been a little busier but it actually seemed alittle calmer. Probably with so many kids starting early on they probably got tired and hungry etc.

I started to head back towards Green Park as I could just take the train directly home, While on my way home I spotted this crazy guy with a boom box.
Crazy guy with boom box
Just as I was heading up to the station I ran into one of the iBikeLDN guys with testing their boom box and got chatting a little.

iBikeLDN: Summer Ride on the 18th August which I'm going to do my best to attend as they are always great.

While I was at the ride today someone tweeted that they saw me on the live broadcast on SkyNews was doing and did a screen grab and tweeted it.

Big thanks to @_dibdib for the good eye in spotting me >:D

The Legend on SkyNews >:D
The Legend continues......


  1. Great blog Mr.B. was great to see you and some of The Gang.
    Lost you all after that, MrsB. And John.S. had a Fabby day and got home about 1930, will try and make the next event.
    Be safe Dude, good to see you today.

  2. Nice post, Bumble B. I liked all the photos; particularly, the one of you in the mirror and one of David P; with that nice green T.

    Paz :)