Tuesday 20 November 2012

Review: Air Rush Regulator

On one of the LBC rides that I wasnt able to attend due to work I heard that someone had a puncture and with abit of team work had the tire repaired and ready to roll in no time. The thing that caught my attention was that someone had a C02 regulator to inflate the tire. I'd never heard or seen one of these in action but was very interested in the idea of having a little C02 bottle  to get the tire back up to pressure.

Mark W a member of the LBC group had ordered some CO2 bottles in bulk and I managed to get in on the deal with a couple of other members. Turned out I got 13 C02 bottles (£6.50) plus the free one that came with the regulator I bought at Action Bikes that cost about £17.99 I think

Air Rush Regulator & 14 oz CO2 bottle

Air Rush Regulator
I don't think I'll be running out of  CO2 anytime soon
Extra CO2 carts
Mainly got this little thing for when on group rides, if anyone has a puncture we can get the job done quick and up to pressure in seconds. Also have to thank the guys at Action Bikes that made sure to warn me about when using this thing the bottle gets very cold and to always make sure use the rubber sleeve.

~ B ~


  1. Hello B

    These remind me of the little gas bulbs I used to pressurise my home brew beer kegs. They used to make my keg swell so quickly I was worried it might burst. What a great idea for inflating tires.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, they remind me of the little soda bottle thing that was on my parents bar when i was a kid

  2. BumbleBee:
    I never owned one of these. I would likely consider it, if I knew the cartridges were refillable or recyclable.
    Peace :)