Friday 2 November 2012

Halloween Tour of London

It was a dark and chilly night, but there was a hint of something more in the air around central London it was Halloween night, the 31st October. On this night spooky things are said to happen. Doesn't matter if you believe in  the super natural or not strange things will happen..... 3 LBC members push the limits of human understanding and go for a short walk around ole London town in the darkness

Having arrived at St.Paul's station after much hassel and bassel due to earlier problems on the central line I found exit 2 and saw a crowd of people hanging around. I have just about folded Bumble B and was greeted with a big smile from a new memeber of the LBC Chris Bridge. She was a little worried that no one she knew was going to turn up but The Legend was here :P Not long after my partner in crime Mr. O turned up and we made out way to the tour guide and paid in our moneys of £9. I have to say I liked this Scottish tour guide as he had a very loud voice and you could see him a mile off.

Anyways we started off with creepy tails of what terrible goings on had happened in the past and where we would be going.

Our tour guide
Side of St.Paul's
Front of St.Paul's
Brompton Bumble B listening to our tour guide
Our guide telling us tales of be headings & murder
A Monk looking for his head or having a good night out.

Partners in crime :)
Did I capture a spirit in the right hand corner of this shot?
All in all it was a good night and and as a result in the near future there maybe a LBC Night time ride in central London taking in all the sights which will be al lighted up. Something I have always wanted to do for a very long time.

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