Thursday 18 October 2012

Special gift & 10,000 page hits....

Well folks I've just noticed I've gone past a milestone of 10,000 page hits.
Probably about 40% of those are mine but hey ho :P

I got a little present from Alfredo Guillen new member of my London Brompton Club Group on facebook the other day. From what I can remember he had them selling on ebay and decided to send them to me as a present. I guess by the colour of them there was only one place they could go >:D

2 Black & Yellow Water Value Handles

2 Black & Yellow Water Value Handles

On The Legend.....

Totally bad ass
What can I say about these handles eh? come onnnnnnnn :P May take me a little while longer to fold til I get used to them but they sure look awesome.

Oh I put in an order for new tires (Limited edition London Marathon Plus) awhile back and should have got delivered earlier in the week. I had a couple of packages waiting for me at the local sorting office which I thought it may have been so wasn't worried about it too much but it wasn't them (one was the water value handles, the other was Garmin Edge 800 rubber protection).
Emailed company I sourced them from and they are contacting the Royal Mail to see where they are. First time in many yrs that I've had any problems with Royal Mail I have to say.

Quick snap of the Garmin Edge 800 cover
Garmin Edge 800 & Rubber Cover

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