Saturday 20 October 2012

Richmond Training ride

On train heading for a training session with my cycling buddy Mr. O this lady comes up to me wanting/needing a closer look at "The Legend" I really have to be faster in getting my club/blog cards out to give to the Brompton riders I meet when travelling. Even giving me a slight idea for a photography project too ;)

Only lasted a few seconds as we was coming to her station but she said looking at her own blk B that it seems kinda naked after seeing Bumble B :D

On Overground train to Richmond

Well went and did abit of training with my cycle buddy in Richmond Park. Felt a little better with myself physically but still a long way off fitness wise compared to Mr.O. If I can get to his fitness level before my major rides next year I'd be extremely happy. We where discussing the up coming rides and how we are thinking we will be doing. I know I have a long way to go in my training to be better and have to really focus on not just the riding itself but also the preparation work too. The foods & drink I consume is a big issue for me as doing shift work I sometimes don't have alot of time to look for the healthy options.

My Training Stats:

Anyways some photographs I managed to take while riding today.

Brompton Bumble B Parked
On a footbridge over the river
Brompton Bumble B on a Bridge

Brompton Bumble B on a Bridge

I promised myself next time I got to Richmond Park I would take my Infra-Red converted camera with me to take some shots of the park. The weather wasn't perfect for Infra-Red as I would like but this is to compare what a normal camera/human eye sees to what my converted InfraRed camera sees
River Path (Normal Light)
Normal part of the spectrum that everyone/normal camera's sees
River Path (Infra-Red Light)
Now the same scene but in the Infra Red part of the spectrum.

As you can see in the InfraRed the green leafs and grass reflect the infra red part of the specturm and therefore looks white.

Well we finished abit of training just over 13 miles. Here is a shot of our steeds resting on top of a hill heading back to the station.

PAD: 20th October 2012
Brompton Bumble B & Orange Brompton

As always I had my Garmin on to record the ride so I can compare at a later date to see how my training is going. I think next time I will try to remember to wear the heart monitor to see how my heart is on a ride.

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