Friday 19 October 2012

DIY Headlight v5.0

In my on going battle to build a better headlight I saw in a fb group about making one from a energizer head light. It's basically a light that you strap to your head for working in dark situations and emergencies. I just undid the head strap, made a couple of holes to put bolts though to attach it to the headlight mount on Bumble B. But I found to use bolts I would have to file down the ends as it is a tight fit with the batteries installed. So instead I used a zip-tie and tied it on tightly to the headlight mount.
Also needed to glue the led part to base as this can rotate forwards but on riding a bike the bumps would probably shake it and the beam would look straight down at the wheel. Not good if I want to see where I'm going.

Bumble B headlight version 5.0
Energiser Headlight attached to Bumble B's headlight mount
Brompton Bumble B Headlight Mount
Zip tied on instead of bolts

Only thing I'm worried about is that this is not waterproof. I'll see how this one goes as I've looked and there is a waterproof version of this headlight which I may get at later date. Maybe better than getting the £130 headlight I was thinking of getting last week that's for sure. I still have the other headlight to work with in any case.

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