Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Death of another rim

Over the last few months I have been getting the sense that BBB's rear wheel rim maybe wearing out. Under braking I would feel a "pulse" as it were. It's happened before so I know the signs well. 

Ever since I got the new black AeroHeat rims I have been looking after them much more than the double walled original Brompton rims. Even with all the care I have taken with them the rear rim visibly split. 

I basically came back from meeting up with the LBC gang that was having a ride down to the Olympic Velodrome at the Olympic Park. I wasn't on the ride itself but needed to see a few folks as I had some Brompton bits from "Ben's Box of Goodies" (once again thanks Ben)

On closer inspection I could see the rim had actually split on both sides of the braking surface as you can see with the photos below.

Splitting Aero Heat

Opposite side also splitting
It was an emergency so I went straight to my local bike shop ran by Noah who now had his own bike shop just down the road from me. Noah was the first person to ever service BBB so I knew I could trust him with my boy.

Noah changed the rim over to a spare original Brompton rim I had but told me that the AeroHeat Rim had some structural cracks. I didn't know about this and thought I had just worn it out but check this next photos out for the true horror. Another 2 huge cracks *shock horror*

HUGE crack #1 :(

These cracks where on the opposite side to each other on the INSIDE of the rim where the rim tape goes. I wouldn't normally remove the tape to look so I wouldn't have seen it myself with my normal checks.

I thought damn I've been riding with that for at least a couple of months as that is when I noticed the "pulse" under braking. As you can see it hasn't been knocked or hit anything as the rim looks in good shape and lots of metal on the braking surface.

When I got the AeroHeat rims on BBB the original double walled rims where relatively new so I saved them. I didn't think I would be changing the AeroHeat rims so soon.

So the Stats I have for this Rear AeroHeat Rim:
Brompton BWR 6sp hub & Velocity
Born:     May 7, 2015
Died:      Apr 16, 2016
Mileage: 3,047.7 miles

Quick message to Phoenix Cycles and looks like I can get it changed under warranty where I got the AeroHeat rims originally so BBB is there now getting another AeroHeat so his all matching again. The whole reason why I got both rims changed back then when only the rear rim had worn out was that he could be in line with his color scheme.

I currently have a loan Brompton which happens to be black and yellow so not to much of a shock for anyone seeing me without the legend who should be sorted over the next few days.

til the next ride, bee safe....

Monday, 7 March 2016

Review: The "Bee" Travel Bag

Well many of you know how much the Legend & I love black and yellow.

An idea came to me one day when I saw people commenting that to travel on the EuroStar as you have to carry your Brompton in a travel bag of some kind due to the rules. Well I could easily get a IKEA bag which is the perfect size or an official Brompton Travel Bag but you know the legend, he always wants to be understated. *shakes head*

So I asked the very good and talented friend Valeria Lopes (Valeria's Bike Accessories) to see what we could come up with for the Legend.

What can I say Valeria came up with this....

Yeah your eyes are not playing tricks on you but yes a black and yellow striped travel bag for BBB.

As always the build quality is second to none and its made from the same tough wearing material with the other black and yellow items she has made for us. This also had a nice inner lining and very well stitched zip and handles.

Strong Zip goes 3/4 of the way round

Long handles for easy over the shoulder carrying

In we go
I wasn't sure on just looking if BBB would fit as he has clipless pedals and cow horn handle bars which make his profile a little wider than a normal Brompton but I didn't need to worry as BBB fit in just right and zipped up perfectly.

Snug as a bug

All packed & ready to go
The tough material made carrying BBB over my shoulder really easy. Even my clipless pedals or cow horn handlebars didn't poke me in the back and with the long shoulder straps made it probably the easiest and nicest way to  carry BBB.

The mark of quality & that personal touch.
I'm VERY pleased with how this came out and forever grateful to Valeria's Bike Accessories for turning an idea into reality.

So then folks if you're thinking of something for your Brompton that's a little special or an idea that's popped into your head but don't have skills to make it a reality I can't recommend Valeria's Bike Accessories enough to help you do just that.

Now I seriously can't wait to go travelling with the Legend to show of his custom travel bag. >:D

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Shredding tyres

Yesterday was an interesting commute to work. 

Had to fight a major head wind which isn't new to me & the legend but about a mile from work the front wheel felt odd. I had a look and I saw I had a slow puncture happening. Just about managed to get to work before it was fully flat & unriddable. 

When I got home I had a good look at the tyre and I saw this. 

Yeah pretty bad. Pretty much shredded the front tyre with 6 deep cuts & looks like we've gone though sand paper to boot. I don't remember going over anything as shape but 9 times out of 10 you hardly ever see what causes punctures to begin with. 

So BBB is off the road till I get some new tyres delivered from Brillant Bikes, which have been ordered since last night. Give schewble Marathon's a go again as I've have had 4 bad Marathon +'s lately. 

til the next ride, bee safe