Sunday 8 August 2021

I can't believe it's 9 YEARS of the LBC

I cant' believe the London Brompton Club is 9 years old. Seems that I only just yesterdaythe club started and exploded. 9 years later I'm a part of a Brompton cycling club which now has over 6000 members world wide and been on so many many adventures over the years & made many life long friends.

The timing was perfect as I would be finished from work in plenty of time to be at the meeting point of Canada Gate near Buckingham Palace for 17:00hrs  

Decided that I would cycling straight from work to the meeting place to save time and to make sure I would actually go. Lucky I had packed my waterproofs as I made sure I looked at the weather forecast for the day. Man within 10 mins of me making my way though Hackney and into Islington I had to stop under a tree as the heavens truly opened up and the rain was so heavy I couldn't even see the road for a while under a tree I put on my overtrousers and waited for the rain to ease abit. Eventually the rain stopped enough and i continued to the meeting point. Once there I was greeted by smiles from old and new members

Because of the threatening rain clouds we decided to head to Brompton Junction where the Mile Monster Jenny and those lovely folks at brompton Junction had put on a lovely little spread for us after hours.

I haven't been to the new store yet but it only moved a coupe doors down from the old. The difference though was massive as now the store has alot more space and different design.

I was total shock as I wasn't expecting anything like this to be happening and I have to thank Jenny the Mile Monster and ofcourse Brompton Junction (Brompton Bicycle) for all the support over the years.

Had to get a little shot of me with my alter ego on BJ's huge Instagram display

I have to say I was abit moved by the words from  Bob as he made a little speech about the LBC, how it came about, how great it was to be apart of it and thanked every member and Brompton Junction for their hospitality.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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  1. Great write up, Mr BB! Took me back to those first rides with you!