Monday 17 August 2015

Surprises at the London Bikeathon 2015

We did this charity ride last year and was looking forward to doing it again.
There are only 2 routes this year a 26 mile & 52 mile route. We choose to do the 52 mile route as the legend and I are pretty comfortable doing 52 miles these days.

26 mile route kept you in and around central London’s landmarks and would make good photography backdrops as well as exploring this great city.

26 Mile Route

52 Mile route took in most of the same landmarks as the 26 mile one but then went further towards Richmond Park to the west before returning back to the start at Brunswick Square Gardens.

52 Mile Route

With the legend all cleaned and oiled up ready to go we left for the starting point. As always a few of my cycling buddies where there on this ride and arranged to go with the ones that where doing 52 mile route.

PAD: 15th August 2015

Arrived 10mins late for the official start time but my friends waited up for me. This wasn’t a race or anything it was just going to be an enjoyable ride with my crazy cycling friends as always.

Winding our way though London never gets old for me as there is always a change somewhere along the way or another path to take.

Big or small wheeled bikes we was cycling for a great cause and enjoying what our city has to offer in great weather.

Came across a few places we have been on with other London Brompton Club rides of the past.
After just 11 miles or so we came across out first pitstop at King Edward Memorial Park. As always on these rides there are many volunteers and even the odd bike maintenance guy giving help, advise and fixing simple mechanical problems you may have. Some cyclist’s this may be their first time on a ride like this and may have only ever just commuted to and from work. All those little niggling problems you may have had someone could have a quick look. It could be something really simple that just needed adjusting if they could they will fix it right there or at least advise you where to take it to get seen to properly.

This is when Samantha decided to give me a present she has been working on for me. I’ve been admiring her cycling caps and bags etc for her Brompton for quiet sometime and I had asked when she had some time if she could make me a “bespoke” cycling cap with black and yellow stripes.
I didn’t think she would be able to find the material but she did and made this awesome cycling cap with matching bow tie too.
I can tell you how honoured I was to receive such a gift from Samantha and I completely LOVE it! I almost wished I didn't have a helmet on so I could show it off more.

Bespoke Bee cap

It was good to see so many riding with the cycle official jersey on and I made a metal note to try and buy myself one at the end of the ride if they where available.

The forever smiling Jenny and fellow yellow Brompton.

Jenny making it look easy

Doing the 52 mile route we turned westward towards Richmond Park & the 26 mile route circled back towards Brunswick Square Gardens.
This is the place to do some serious training and always many cyclist in and around the park. There is also quiet alot of deer running freely around so you have to keep an eye out. Even with all the traffic moving around the deer's are so used to it they just keep doing whatever deer's do.

Not long after entering Richmond Park, I was hearing some very odd noises. I thought it was someone else's bike or a car with a problem then O hear an almighty bang and the rear of BBB shaking for about 3 seconds and then nothing. I thought my rear wheel had an explosive puncture or worse the hub gear and self destructed.

I had recently replaced my rear mudguard with a new black one and turned out the small wheel that goes on top of the mudguard had come loose and fallen off. Part of this goes on inside of the mudguard and this was what made all the noise as it came off between the tire and guard.

Managed to retrieve the small wheel and the bend holding plate but the nuts and bolts where gone.

Luckily this wasn’t a fatal failure and BBB could still be ridden as the mudguard just rested on the stays. I had to more care when putting BBB in “parking” mode as the mudguard will now rest directly on the ground and no on the small wheel.

While stopped at Cafe Roehampton Gate, in Richmond Park which was our just over half way point we had something to eat and toilet break.

One of Samantha’s friends wanted to try out a Brompton and I think he liked it ALOT, even pulled off a “wheelie”

After leaving Cafe Roehampton Gate we went though Richmond Park to the other side. There was a big hill just after this so I knew I would probably be walking it, which I did but I noticed I seem to get up it a little more than I have in previous attempts.

It was now just a hard final push to finish this ride off as I was starting to feel a headache coming on as I hadn't eaten enough proper food & didn’t want to stop. Note to self to bring some savoury sandwiches and not just jam & cereal type bars.

Once we was coming into London again I felt a little better but knew I had to have some serious food when we finished and was already thinking of where and what to eat.

Getting to Brunswick Square Gardens I could see the volunteers smiling, slapping and directing us to the start/finish line. I looked down at my Garmin and saw that the ride was actually 49 miles and not the official 52.

Crossed the line and received my medal although the same as last years one still love it just the same.

Another medal for the Legend
Took on some more water and a few snacks but needed some proper food and quickly as my headache was started to get a little worse.

We found a little place not to far from the park called the “The King of Falafel” which did a great little dish of the day. I had the chicken & trust me it tasted great and was EXACTLY what I needed.

About 10mins after eating this great meal my headache was all but gone.

It was a great ride with my cycling buddies and cant thank them enough esp Samantha for my new cap and bow tie. I can see other people wanting her services to make bespoke stuff for them.

Just before I left I asked after the cycling jerseys as I have said that for all the rides I go on that I will try and get a cycling jersey if they where available. Luckily they did have some to buy and got myself one at cheaper price as the charity is changing its name next month.

From Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, which is abit of a mouthful tbh to BloodWise. With this they will be completely rebranding the charity with new design website, logos and other merchandise. So these cycling jerseys could become collectors items in the future :D

Another great ride, with wonderful people, weather and location. If you find any charity rides in your city please support it as best you can by riding and/or getting donations. Even more so if you have been effected in some way.

Here is our ride data as always

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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