Saturday 27 December 2014

The future is all around us....

Well Christmas is over and the new year is almost upon us.

I have to say 2014 has been a really good year for us here at the HiVE.

One of our goals was to do over 4000 miles which we have achieved on Boxing Day Bimble ride on Bixing day with the London Brompton Club. 

  • Doing the treble at the Brompton World Championships was AWESOME and a MUST.
  • Finally doing a century (100 miles) on a single ride which is something I have said we would do for this year. Had attempted it at the MITIE but that ride was a very hilly ride and only managed to do 40 odd miles before the "swiper" van came and picked us up :(

    Doing the St. Crispin's Day Ride which was over 100 miles was where we achieved our century goal.
  • I decided to to upgrade BBB's gearing so it would be easier to go up hills after the failed attempt at the MITIE. This meant changing my standard 50T chain ring to 44T. Made much easier with the new Brompton spider crank.
  • Going dynamo lighting which looking back I wish we did earlier as we really love having dynamo lights.
    In the future we plan on going on many more rides as always. We may not be the fastest but we give it a damn good go. 

    We would like to take this chance to thank everyone that reads this blog and for all the people we have rode with this past year and ofcourse in the future. 

    Extra special thanks to my cycling partner in crime Mr. OrangeBrompton. Inspiring us to do better each and everytime we ride together. Without his encouragement we wouldn't be the legend we are today. 

    David who is our chief navigator on many a club ride guiding us safely along & always giving us someone to attempt to keep up with.  

    Anne for the great flapjacks, hug, smiles & beauty along the way. 

    MickB who I have missed on our rides but is always there in spirit. 

    Also our crazy Cyclious gang that we ride with who are just a bunch of crazy loveable nutcases. Love you guys

    So what for 2015? 

    What do we have planned? 

    Well we have no idea, all we know is that it will be...


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    1. Nice post - well done and a happy new year to you. A legend and a gentleman! John M.