Friday 19 December 2014

"I see dumb people!"

Now on this mornings commute into work was fun. 

Coming down a slight hill & a car does a U turn in front of me. Didn't look or indicate. I had to slam on my brakes abit but had plenty room to spare. He sped off as if nothing happened then taxi came along side me with his window down saying

"How could that guy not see you coming? You got good lights on"

I said " dunno, his just an ass!"

He laughted & said sorry for the guy that did the U turn. I was abit surprised at that bit appreciated it none the less. 

Abit of traffic up ahead and I spot the same guy that U turned in front of me, I come along side him and guess what. His on the mobile. 
I shout at him to get off the damn mobile & that he nearly took me out when he did his U turn earlier. He put the phone down & the traffic moved off. 
I caught him up again further down & guess what. His in the bloody phone again, this time I get angry and bang on his window telling to him get off the phone. 

Seriously sometimes people are just dumb and need to be sorted out. I can see why more & more cyclists are getting helmet mounted cameras these days but I personally think they attract that kind of trouble cause it's only once in awhile I have that kind of thing happens to me. I just let rip right there and then and whoever I'm having a go at know not to mess with the legend.

Bee safe out there folks.  

Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. 2015 is going to be even more lengendary if that's at all possible. 

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  1. Sounds like a proper idiot driver. Cycling with a camera on your helmet isn't just to capture what happens for me but it actually encourages drivers to drive as they should. The more cyclists with helmet cameras around, the more they realise they can't do things they shouldn't. They can no longer ride on the "cyclists word against there's" with no witnesses. So cameras help drivers drive as they should and they help the cycling community as a whole. Worth considering on that merit alone :-)