Friday 15 August 2014

BIKEfun Classic Suspension for BBB

While I was at the Brompton World Championships a couple of weeks back I spotted something that I had wondered about for a long time.

I saw a suspension block for the Brompton that was a little different to Brompton's standard & firm blocks.

As always I want to make BBB unique so when I saw the BIKEfun Classic Suspension Block in person I was hooked. These suspension blocks are a combination of a metal spring and a rubber/plastic compound which when combined are equivalent to the Brompton FIRM suspension block. These suspension blocks come with 2 rubber compounds so you can tailor the the block to suit your riding style. I was more drawn to the fact that you could get the springs in different colours to match your Brompton if you so wished. I ofcourse got the yellow version, even the rubber compound has a yellowish tint to it was well. ;)

BIKEfun Classic Suspension Block
Using parts from the original Brompton suspension block it was easy to put together, remembering to tighten up the nylon locking bolt as when I changed the suspension block last time I didn't and came apart a few days later.

BIKEfun Classic Suspension Block in Yellow

BIKEfun Classic Suspension Block

As I am a heavy rider I choose to put the harder rubber compound in and it felt good on my short test ride. Following is the video of the ride with camera mounted to the saddle rails. I'm jumping up and down on the pedals so you can see how much the block compresses.

Available here @ Bike Gang

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