Sunday 15 June 2014

A close shave. TWICE

So this morning like normal I'm heading to work. I stop at a big set of traffic lights and wait. While waiting I saw a woman driver on her iPhone & teenager next to her on theirs. I made a mental note to watch her positioning and let her go ahead of me when the lights changed.

She went ahead at the junction and into the distance. Now after the junction starts a cycle lane going all the way to Hackney. 

I'm coming along at a decent speed and spot the same driver up ahead. My B senses are tingling a little so I cover my brakes just in case as there is a side road coming up. Just after the side street is the entrance to KFC. She turns into the KFC just as I'm under taking in the cycle lane with NO indicators STILL on her iPhone. 

I shout out, no I SCREAM out loud at her and put my body against the car and push BBB away from going underneath the car while she is STILL turning into the KFC. I was banging on the car as hard as I could but she kept going for about a meter before she stopped. She only stopped when most of her car was in the entrance to KFC. 

I'm screaming at her asking her what the hell she was doing on her phone while driving the car. 

"It was an important call/message about a job "

This just made me even MORE angry at her and I let rip asking her

"Was your mobile more important than my life? You couldn't wait til you was parked in KFC to deal with it? And you got kids in your car with you?"

I checked myself & BBB but we was ok just really angry. You would this this was the end of it but oh no. 

About 1 mile down the road again just after a incline from a set of lights another car was ahead of me while I was using the shared bus/cycle lane and cause of the down hill section and was going at a fair speed when another car in front of me left turned on me without ANY indicators, just turned. 

I slammed on the brakes again and put my body up on the car and pushed BBB away again banging hard on the body of the car SCREAMING thinking " Shit something really wants me dead. That's twice in less than 10mins"

Again I'm SCREAMING at the guy driving asking him what the f does he think his doing without indicators. 

He then said " You was going pretty fast and never saw you"

"How did you know how fast I was going if you didn't see me? So you DID see me just didn't care and turned left in me. Yeah?"

I let rip once again as I was double angry. A few guys came out from the car wash place right at the turning looking to see what the noise was about but me & BBB was ok just crazy mad. 

I've been doing my commute for just shy of 5yrs now and NEVER been cut up like that before and now twice within 10mins?

Right I've calmed down and again we are OK. 

But anyone using the roads look before you turn pram, bicycle, car, van, bus, truck whatever flipping look before you turn left or right. 


  1. Hello Mr B,
    That was really a close one! I would have lost my temper too if it had happened to me.
    Whenever I see anyone on a mobile while driving, I'd usually give the driver and myself a huge space in between. If he/she wants to put their lives in danger, that is their problem. I won't be anywhere near these kind of people.
    Ride safely Mr.B.


    1. Lucky my "B" senses where tingling as I was covering my brakes to be on the safe side, otherwise it could have been VERY nasty :/

  2. Glad you came away with no injuries Mr. Bee.

  3. Hey B,
    I am saddened to hear about the nutty driver, but I am mucho glad you are okay.
    Just be extra careful out there.
    Best wishes to you!
    Peace :)

    1. We do the best we can but sometimes even legends have a close call :/

  4. There are some crazy people on Lee Bridge Road. There are so many places that people can and will cut you up along there. I do wish that they would give people for mobile use while driving. It would make people think twice. Ride safe