Sunday 10 June 2012

Event: IG Markets Nocturne London 2012

Was running a little late but was monitoring twitter as I knew My Orange Brompton was going and had entered the Folding Bike Race (I so should have entered myself *DOH!!*) On the tube and got out of Farrington Station as it was practically on the Smithfield's Meat Market door step. Just about found a spot to see what was happening and I heard that the Folding Bike heats was just about to start up.
Union Jack Brompton Rider
1 of the Brompton Factory Team

While watching I spotted the  familiar face or should I say orange socks of My Orange Brompton & waved as he passed with the look of determination on his face ;)

Once each race was over people where allowed to cross the race track so I was looking to try and get better positions for getting some decent shots (next time bring my dSLR & not my P&S) Finally met up with fellow LBC member My Orange Brompton & was watching the other races going on & entertainments.

Live entertainment

A happy winner

Artist at work

Penny Farthing Race
Penny Farthing Race

Penny Farthing Race

While the other races where going on it turned out that My Orange Brompton got though to the finals :)

Then it was time for the Folding Bike Finals

Preparing for the dash.

Getting into "The ZONE!"

Mine is lighter than yours :P

The folded start

BAD ASS Chrome

My Haul of Freebies :P
A very enjoyable day and the weather was perfect for cycling & racing. Definitely going to  enter it next year and I should also say that I'm going to start entering as many races/cycling events that I can get to now. This is the only one that I haven't taken part in this year and I REALLY REALLY should have got in on this one BIG TIME.

Will link to the video I shot with the awesome GoPro HD Hero2™ once I've edited it together. My first proper outing with it so be gentle with me regarding the footage.