Monday 21 May 2012

More Video work

The 2 camera positions I tried out with the video

Tried out the new KeyCam I got from ebay today on Bumble B. The quality is pretty good for its size and with it being so light and small can just about be mounted anywhere with Blue-Tac. Needs a wide angle lens though but I've seen people use wide angle lens for iPhone and glued on to one of these cameras. Will look into that,  but I'm impressed with this little fella and only £27 delivered from China.

Here is the resulting video:


  1. Wow. Looks pretty good quality to me and being so small makes it even better.

    1. indeed and only needs a good size bit of Blue Tac to keep it steady. Only thing I don't like is I don't know how good the shot is till I get it home & on the comp. Cant have everything I guess ;)