Thursday 10 May 2012

Broken Mudguard

Just picking up Bumble B from work & notice the rear wheel not rolling right.
Looks like the bracket that holds the tiny rear wheel on the mudguard has pushed though the plastic mud guard.

Can still ride him but looks like I need a new rear mud guard. I may have another upgrade idea though with the help of 1 of the coach makers at work.

My possible options:

1: Remake mudguards in aluminium instead of plastic as plastic will get brittle in time. As I have found out.

2: Buy custom mudguards that I've seen on the net.

3: Get whole Brompton Rear Rack (turning Bumble B from M3L to M3R)

With the first option I could even design it myself to get something as strong as a proper rear rack & build in the better bracket for the skate wheels.
Have to talk to a guy at work to see if he would like to do it in the first place.

After getting home from work I ended up doing a serious cleaning and having to re grease the front wheel & adjusted my front brake cable. Also seems to be a very slight movement in the headset. Not sure if its just me being abit weird or actual movement.

Don't worry, I'll sort something out with Bumble B

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