Monday 16 April 2012

Customise Street Gliders

PAD: 15th April 2012 by KrazyBee

Installed some Street Glider wheels on Bumble B this afternoon, bad ass ;P


  1. Hi Bumble B, I like your good friend have an orange brompton. I am interested in this modification with the wheels. I have 3 questions:
    1. Where did you purchase these from and what is the size of the wheel?
    2. How did you fit the 2 rear ones to the mudguard set up?
    3. Do they interfere with your feet at all when riding?

    Love the blog and will be following you.

    1. 1: I got the skate wheels from Hamleys Toy shop|_Hamleys_Toys/126086,default,pd.html

      Took then wheels off and got a couple of M6 bolts long enough to hold the skate wheels in. These once light up when rolling too.

      2: I took off the rubber wheel on the mudguard wheel and used another M6 bolt to hold the skate wheels on. I also used spacers.

      3: They don't get in the way of my feet when I'm cycling but it all depends on your riding style. I know someone on my LBC group did the same but found their heels hit the wheels when they cycled.

      P.S I took off the mudguard wheels as they broke the mudguard in the end, I think with the weight of the wheels etc was too much for the plastic mudguard. If I can find a way to make the mudguard about tougher then I may try it again.

      But saying all that Bumble B wasnt too stable when rolled so if you really want to get a good roll with the B I think it would be best to get a rear rack instead.