Saturday 28 April 2012

Event: Love London, Go Dutch...

Well then a little blog of my day.

Got up silly early, I guess I was abit excited but then i looked out of the window and saw the rain, boooooo!!!!

Checked the weather reports and most said it wasn't going to be heavy rain so I thought I'll ride & if it gets heavy jump on a bus underground to get there. Either way I was going.

Set off from my house in Walthamstow and cycled pretty consistently all the way, my route took my past my work place which i normally do in about 30mins. I checked my time and I did it in 24mins WTF??? and I didn't even feel it.

Anyways the rain was holding off for the most part so I thought lets see how far I can get before the rain gets too much. Next thing I know I'm, passing Holborn Station heading up New Oxford Street to meet MyOrangeBrompton at the M&S near Marble Arch. Met up with MyOrangeBrompton & started to head towards Park Lane. Saw a few cyclist in the park there so we went over to see if this was the early group of people for the ride. Big accident right where me and MyOrangeBrompton where standing just before we moved. Maybe Brompton Bumble B distracted them? :P

The drizzle was fairly constant at this stage but didn't really bother anybody, most had waterproofs of some kind, i had my till in my O Bag but its a big heavy thing for when i had a scooter yrs back so I promised myself it the rain got heavier I would bring it out. Abit of waiting around as I think the organizers where waiting to make sire all the feeder rides got to the right place and making sure it was a BIG statement.
Saw a few more Bromptons as well as a couple of people from the LBC group to which was great, actually putting faces to names/profile pics from the group is always good.

We finally got the orders to start to move to Park Lane as the police had closed it off just for us. Was good to finally start moving as it didn't really feel it was happening till then. While we was all waiting at the start line a few or us including me got interviewed on ITV4 about what the ride was about and our views etc

Big count down and we was off, hard to film & cycle at the same time with so many cyclist close together but I got some video & will be editing that later on. I kinda lost the other Bromptons I was with as I was trying to film and with so many kinda lost each other a few times.  Kept on going and just enjoying the atmosphere of it all and ALOTS of people commenting on my Brompton Bumble B (as you do). Caught up to the other Brompton riders I started to a few times but just enjoyed a nice ride from Park Lane, Hyde Park Corner, up to Piccadilly Circus, past Trafalgar Square, Number 10 Parliament Square then along Embankment. Not all that long but it was just to highlight the cycling problems in London.

Found my Brompton buddies again & lost them again. Everyone was looking to heading home as the rain hadn't really stopped the whole time. I was a little tired so had a little lunch and then started to head back home. Was hoping the weather would hold off and it did and I rode all the way back :)

My #TheBigRide cycle stats:
Time: 3:06hrs
DIstance: 26.4miles
Av: 8.4mph
Mx: 22.4mph

(includes riding from home to central London, the actual ride itself and then riding all the way back home again)

Couple of pics, the rest on my flickr or London Brompton Club

@OrangeBrompton & Brompton Bumble B

Another Brompton

Awaking the dead
Taken by @OrangeBrompton
All my photos of Love London, Go Dutch 2012

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