Wednesday 3 May 2023

Keeping under pressure with Cycplus Electric Tire Pump A3

What a shocker, a post that’s to do with cycling. Don’t worry folks the legend is still alive and kicking keeping the human healthy. In fact this month (May 2023) the Legend may have a sibling….. 

Anyways on with this little review…

I have had this electric air pump on my list for many yrs.  I have a very good track pump that has served me well since i first got the legend. Early last year I pumped up my tired up just before going to work. By the time i got there my tyre was flat. Thinking it was a puncture I took the inner tube out looking for a hole. Didn’t find one til I got to the value. Seemed when I pumped my tire up I damaged the value. I always have problems with my track pump and the big value attachment on The Legends small wheels and tight spokes.

So I got myself an electric air pump. This pump can basically do any kind of value. Dunlop, Schrader & Presta are covered.

It’s a pretty easy to use. You turn it on, set the pressure you want with the clear digital read out. Attach the value and push the power button. It will pump your tire up to the set pressure and automatically shut down. It’s fully rechargeable via USB and comes with its own charging cable and even a little pouch bag.

It maybe alittle heavy (500grams) to take on a ride cause rechargeable batteries are notoriously heavy, but do able.

 I’m impressed by how quick it topped up my Marathon + tires to 100psi from about 60psi this morning.

Always keep your tyres pumped to proper pressures as marked on the sidewall. When at the proper pressure you get less punctures, less rolling resistance meaning you travel faster, longer with less wasted energy. Only down side is that you will feel the bumps alittle more but thats what padded cycling shorts are made for right.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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