Saturday 24 July 2021

Good Luck Dulwich Dynamo 2021 riders.

So later today just a few crazy cyclists will be riding the unsupported Dulwich Dynamo Overnight Ride. This is a yearly ride which is 120miles from Hackney to Dulwich on the coast throughout Saturday 24th July to Sunday or whenever you get there.  

The legend and I have done this once many years ago with a whole bunch of thr London Brompton Club clan and was probably one of my must fun and longest ever ride to date. 

To everyone taking part in it this year be extra safe and I have heard that they may not be any coaches or very resisted seats to return to the starting point or back to the big smile London. I know I have heard some doing  the “Round Trip” there and back, kudos to anyone attempting this craziness. 

As the first 5miles or so is actually on my commuting route to the HiVE I shall cheer those that I pass or pass me. 

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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