Thursday 30 April 2020

A shift in human behaviour

So its been a good long while since I have put anything into the blog. so maybe a little update in what me and the legend have been up to.

Well been working pretty much though out the COVID 19 situation that's currently gripping the world. Because of this public transport has been reduced to a Sunday timetable as everyone is staying at home, staying safe. But as a keyworker we still work to keep the capital ticking over for other keyworkers and people needing to make ESSENTIAL journeys. Some people need to learn what ESSENTIAL journeys mean, but I wont get into that....

I finally received my prize of a pair of Brompton sized Continental tyres, thank you guys. Have no idea when I'll put these bad boys on though.

Central London is very quiet at the moment especially at night, seeing that most of the shops, clubs etc are closed up. Some even got boarders up like this cafe below. It was plain to begin with but then a few nights ago I saw an artist painting the tribute you see below for the emergency services. Seen his/her work dotted around London a few times and pretty good. After about 4 days though it got painted over with black :(

With all this happening I got myself a face mask ok a couple. I asked a wonderful talented Joanna if she could make a special one for the legend and she didn't disappoint. Kudos girl :D I love it

Also another mega talented Sam from Skye Caps made me this great facemask with bumble bees on, ofcourse :D Sam also made a few face mask for my fellow work mates which was gratefully received

Other than commuting to work I haven't done much in the way of cycling tbh, Other than looking after myself, family and working.

In other things I have been doing more virtual reality stuff and getting more and more into simracing. I've been enjoying it and have been editing a few videos to a my gaming BumbleBee VR channel as well as streaming my game play on BumbleBee_VR on twitch. If your into that please like, subscribe.

Just a little update, once we are on the other side of the current situation you bet your sweet ass the legend and I will be out there cycling for 2 BIG REASONS.

1:  My ass has gotten BIGGER
2: To ride with my cycling family that I haven't seen in a VERY long time.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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