Saturday 24 November 2018

The gathering of Project HiVE 2.0

It's here and delivered right on the time they said they would too. Both packages from different sources but same courier.
Thank you &
The gang's all here

Is it only me that hears that song "I Need a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler when I read that? Well I just got my hero :D

Now I was expecting something special with the retail version of the i9 processor is why I held out to get it as well as the warranty being 3yrs instead of 1yr with  OEM version.

Mysterious bubble wrap
Mysterious black cloth bag
SEXY or WHAT??????!
Seriously, OMFG.

ok how do you open this thing up?

Hello in there
Yay finally worked it out :D

We meet in person
Ok I will tell you the truth right now, it took me AGES to open this thing up, atleast 10 solid minutes. I didn't want to break it but DAMN it was a tough one figure out to open. I may even do something with the Hex case in future, maybe add lights to it.

Now this is something new on me as this is the nano ssd drives that stores your data, next level of  solid state drive which is tiny but still holds just as much if not more than the drives before it.

1 TB 970 EVO M.2 nano SSD
Now a few people have said to me that I don't need so much memory, but this isn't just for gaming I will probably do video and photography work with it at some point too. Plus all the extra 3rd party programs I have running so need the extra. You can never have too much memory or drive space, you will always fill it in time.

4x 8Gb = 32Gb
Yeah I know I went over board with the RGB lighting but I don't care.

Watercooled CPU Cooler
and finally a new OS, this will be the tough bit as when I tried Windows 10 as a free upgrade I uninstalled it after a few hours as I just couldn't get on with it after using Windows 7. Hopefully this time will be better.

Time to build this thing, if I don't hit any issues it will be up and running soon, if I have issues then it may take me while but I have a whole week to figure it out as I'm on holidays from work. Whole reason why I ordered everything to get delivered pretty much same time. :)

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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