Saturday 3 June 2017


I had a call yesterday afternoon from the head surgeon (mechanic) at  Brompton Junction London.

There was a slight complication with BBB's routine surgery (overhaul) as I was supposed to pick him up that day.

Nothing serious but the head surgeon (mechanic) wanted to keep him in a few more days. Everything went to plan other than the hinge replacement didn't take as well as it should and the surgical team wanted to do it again just to be safe. Which gives me a few more days to get some other bits and bobs ready for his return to the HiVE.

Pre Op
So in the mean time I'm riding red "Loaner" Trust me its not LEGENDARY!!

Red is a S6L and its the first time I've ridden a S Type. Finding that I'm pushed forward quiet alot and a lot more weight is on my hands and wrists so I'm glad I didn't get a S type back in the day. I will be glad to have BBB back thats for sure

The Loaner "RED"
Yes folks you heard it here first, the LEGEND will be out racing at the Rapha Nocturne London Folding Bike Race. The race starts around 17:30 on the 10th June so be there to cheer on the legend's return.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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  1. Good to get an email reminder that you posted again! Always glad to hear the latest. Happy riding.
    ~ Clarity Artists