Sunday 20 December 2015

Another good tyre goes bad.....

Right in really annyoned.

A few days ago just about to commute home I found another flat tear tyre. Ok I'll just go home by bus & fix in comfort. 

I get home and replace inner tube and checked the tube and found a huge hole. Checked the tire but found nothing to suggest anything went though. 

Very odd. 

Put new tube in, inflated & found yet ANOTHER Schwalbe Marathon Plus side wall failure. I think this is about the 3rd or 4th one I've had in a short space of time too. 

So I spent the 3hrs trying to get this new Schwalbe Marathon Plus,  on but would it? 

No it wouldn't go on. I've just come home from a long 12hr shift at work so probably over tired. Threw the wheel on the floor and went to bed. 

That was over 3 days ago & this morning I just tired an experiment. I took the inner tube out completely and just tried to put the same tyre on. It went on with not to much trouble with just my thumbs. Within 10 mins.  

My theory is that the new completely flat inner tube was sitting in the central channel in the rim that the tyre needs to sit in to finally fit onto the rim properly. But because I was overtired from work I didn't see it. 

I got 2 new Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires here but they will be the last ones I ever purchase. I'm going back to normal Marathon tires

I may get more punctures as a result but atleast i'll get the proper mileage out of them before I need to change them.

NOTICE: This is an old entry that I didn't publish back in December 2015. All sorted now with the my last set of Schwalbe Marathon +

till the next ride, bee safe.....

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  1. Hi Legend!

    Ty here, proud first time owner of my first Brompton. Got it five days ago. Loving your blog!

    Tip on flat-tire changing: Fill up the tube just enough to hold it's shape, put it in the tire, then mount it. You shouldn't have a problem after that.

    I've been using Marathon Plus tires for over 15 years and not had a problem. Love not getting flats!