Tuesday 18 November 2014

Traveling without moving

A few days ago when I was ready for my commute home after a hard day at work and I found that I had a flat rear tyre. I did notice that BBB felt a little odd half way though my morning commute but thought nothing of it.

Well I had to take the bus home as I was abit too tired to fix it at work and I've never tried the CO2 canisters and didn't feel confident with them. I may get a good hand pump that I can push into my Mini O bag at some point. The Brompton pump is good but how I got my cadence/speed sensor it won't fit.

Ready to commute home & found a flat rear. Busing it home 😞 #cycling #puncture #bus
BBB on the bus back to HiVE

But once I got home I checked again and found that my tyre looking like this...

PAD: 15th November 2014
Sliced tire
Yup pretty bad eh and the Schwalbe Marathon tyre is only a few months old. Looks like a razor or something just as sharp sliced though the tyre, the puncture protection and grazed inner tube.

So BBB is currently off the road till I get a replacement which should be delivered in the next day or so. Actually I may have just missed delivery as I got a "Something for you" card from the Royal Mail to say they tried to deliver something this morning, I was awake and waiting and no one actually rung my doorbell *growls* Don't you just hate when that happens? So now I have to wait till tomorrow and pick it up. Today I did plan to kinda stay in and catch up on some stuff so it kinda works out.

So the last 2 days I have been waking up earlier to take the bus into work. I so missed my Brompton "Bumble B"its not even funny :(

I miss my @bromptonbicycle BBB even when it's raining. #bromptonlife #publictransport #bus #commuting
Commuting without my best bud :(

I have been planning to get a second B at some point next year but with Brompton Bicycles discontinuing the yellow colour I'm not so sure about it now :(

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