Sunday 6 April 2014

The London Classic 2014: Slippery Cobbles & EVIL hills

Before yesterdays LBC Brighton Ride I wasn't sure I would attend The London Classic. But in having a good ride in Brighton and then talking with my LBC clan by the time I got home I decided that I would attend this bone shaking, lung busting event.

Our preparation for this ride would be to unload as much as possible so off my Carradice Super C  saddle bag & no Mini O Bag at the front. I would be carrying everything on me. Snacks & water I would get on route cause we was still in London even though its a Sunday quiet a few places are open.

It had been raining pretty hard that morning and on the drive to Gypsy Hill the starting point which had me wondering what the hell would I do as I packed ultra light. Luckily the weather improved and by the time I got me and BumbleB unpacked from the car the rain had basically stopped.

Managed to get to the start point of Gypsy Hill Tavern where I confirmed my entry and got myself the umber cool The London Classic Round 5 tshirt. Thought I'd get it from the start cause I had no idea if I would be coming back alive. With the others waiting to push off we didn't hang about and started off down Gypsy Hill.

I didn't get a chance to take any shots before the first major stop at "Look Mum, No Hands" as the cobbles where pretty rough & wet. Needed all my focus navigate those cobbles thats for sure

London Classic ride. #urban #bromptonbicycle #brompton #lbclub
At "Look Mum, No Hands"

London Classic ride. #urban #bromptonbicycle #brompton #lbclub
View of the Thames

London Classic ride. #urban #bromptonbicycle #brompton #lbclub
After being by the Thames it was time to head into the evilness of the hills that will be the ultimate test of man and machine. Out of the 6 hills I managed 2 of them. Took my time with them but managed them. The others though where the most evillest hills I have ever had the misfortune to come across. If I was driving a car I still would be scared of those hills so can you imagine the fear I felt when I looked up and saw these things.

London Classic ride. Short put stop before big hills  #urban #bromptonbicycle #brompton #lbclub
Short break at the top of a hill near Ladywell Railway Station

London Classic ride. Big hill #urban #bromptonbicycle #brompton #lbclub

London Classic ride.another hill #urban #bromptonbicycle #brompton #lbclub
Another near Forest Hill Railway Station

London Classic ride.another hill #urban #bromptonbicycle #brompton #lbclub
Sydenham Wells Park
The last hill was Gypsy Hill where the start point of "Gypsy Hill Tavern" This one I killed, I may have been a little slow on it but I got in the right gear from the start, kept my cadence and breathing right and "killed it"

So that's 2 out of the 6 "Lung Busters" Hills killed. A year ago I would have walked up all, so slowly but surely I'm getting better at hill climbing.

PAD: 6th April 2014
We made it
I have to say to everyone that was at this event a big thank you for all the encouragement I got along the way, trust me it sure does help and I thank you all but especially my LBC buddies, Ann, David, Chris, Mark & ofcourse my cycling partner in crime OrangeBrompton.

Ride Data: The London Classic

See you at The London Classic 2015......

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