Monday 12 March 2012

and so it begins....

Thought I would start a cycling blog on here. My adventures on my Brompton BumbleB... enjoy x

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  1. Hello

    I saw you today!

    It was in Richmond Park. I was just about to go down a hill and you were on your way up. Well, your bike IS distinctive :o)

    I was on a black Brompton, borrowed from work till I get mine built which should be next weekend then I hope to pick it up the following week.

    I hope you had a good cycle ride today; I did and it was my first time in the park. I live in Eastleigh near Southampton and love the Brompton for its multi-modal transport options and brilliant luggage carrying capabilities.

    I read something on the web a few weeks ago you had written so that's how I knew it was you in the park.

    I shall save your Blogspot to my Favourites and have a good read as time allows.

    Take care.